Camp History

The first recorded camp to take place on what is now Camp Caillet was a Cub Camp in 1962. Mrs Caillet was a Cub Mistress and used land that belonged to the Caillet family. Over the next few years other Scout groups were allowed to use the site and, with the exception of an old miners cabin and picnic shelter, the first building, a log cabin, was erected on the site in 1980. The first long term plan was drawn up in 1983 by Ron Pitts.

Mrs Caillet died in 1975 and a memorial plaque was placed under a maple tree on the site- the memorial was recently updated and now sits in the same location as a centrepiece next to the Scouting flag pole. The Camp was officially deeded to Scouting by Armand Caillet on October 5. 1985. The signatories were Mike Godsiff, District President, Armand Caillet and Dave Pattie, Executive Director, Islands Region.

In 2003, with the dissolving of the Mid Island District Council, the Camp Caillet Management Committee was formed. In 2005 the Camp was designated a Council Camp with the Camp Committee reporting directly to Cascadia Council and responsible for all operating functions.

Today the site boasts a fully equipped kitchen building, fire pit shelter, bunkhouse, 2 maintenance and equipment buildings, 2 camping cabins, a picnic shelter and four portable toilets.