Reservation Received

Thank you for making a reservation. Details of your reservation have been received by the Booking Secretary and further instructions have been sent to you regarding payment of your deposit. The booking will be confirmed if it does not clash with an existing booking, and upon payment of the deposit. Deposits must be received within 20 days.

All bookings remain provisional until the deposit has been received and are open to other groups.

Pay Deposit Online

You can Pay your $100 deposit online with a valid credit card, simply click the Pay with Card button to continue.

What to Bring

The kitchen has many appliances and equipment for renters. However, we ask that you bring your own cooking pans and utensils. Campers will need their own cutlery, plates, and cups. Our bunkhouse has basic bunks and campers will need their sleeping bags and roll mats for comfort. The bunkhouse is heated. If you are using the meeting cabin for formal meetings, please bring any whiteboard markers, chalk and flip-chart paper you require.


You will be met at the camp on your arrival and as part of the check-in process, we’ll do a quick walkthrough and show you where everything is. As part of this process, we will hand over the keys and take any remaining payment for the camp. Please make sure to bring the payment with you. Your costs will be indicated in your reservation email.


On your departure date, we will arrange a convenient time to meet with you and walk through the camp to ensure it has been left clean and tidy. We will also require the keys. Departure times can be flexible and we will work with you if you need to depart early or late for travel purposes.

Sincerely, Camp Caillet Committee